• Diversity & Inclusion: A new strategy for companies? 
  • Do you embrace the SDGs?
  • Green bonds market: overview and possible developments
Diversity & Inclusion: A new strategy for companies? 
Do you embrace the SDGs?
Green bonds market: overview and possible developments
Diversity & Inclusion: A new strategy for companies? 

Following an inspiring internal workshop on Unconscious Bias with Linklaters' Learning and Development Manager, Wenying Li, we were curious to find out more about how and why the law firm promotes diversity and inclusion within its various international offices.
Do you embrace the SDGs?

For the last few years, the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have provided a comprehensive yet complex framework on how to improve the lives of people in all levels of society. Three years after their launch, Social Progress Initiative CEO, Michael...
Green bonds market: overview and possible developments

Last year, we sat down with Julie Becker, Member of Luxembourg Stock Exchange's Executive Committee, to discuss the evolution of green bonds. In this article, we look back at some highlights from that conversation.
Q&A with Alexandra Dubini

Alexandra Dubini, a molecular biologist, discussed the Homeward Bound Project at a SHE@LuxSE event earlier this year. We have deep-dived into the climate change/leadership/algae/sustainable finance topic in a Q&A we held with Alexandra after her presentation.
Together for a more sustainable future

The World Bank remains committed to sustainability and is one of the largest sources of development finance, achieving yet another impressive result in the euro market with its first euro-denominated benchmark of 2019, launched in May 2019. The €1.5 billion 10-year Globa...
Stock Exchange Day 2019

“It’s not just climate change, it’s everything change.” These powerful words were on everyone’s lips during our biggest annual event, the Stock Exchange Day, on 23 May 2019. About 600 invitees were present for the 37th edition of our annual event to attend a series of in...
EU Parliament adopts framework that will support covered bonds market

Growing mortgage lending, last week's agreement for a new EU Framework and the trend to ‘green up’ finance all support a growth trend.
Women, science and climate change

Have you ever asked yourself: What can we do to help raise the voice of women in science in their fight against climate change? We might have some answers.
LuxSE launches a centralised bond information hub connecting with the interbank and stock exchange markets in China

The Boao Forum for Asia, known as the Asian Davos, was were new initiatives saw the light of day.  
She@LuxSE: Acting, not just talking

In 2015, the United Nations SSE Initiative, along with its partners, launched the annual “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” event to mark the International Women’s Day. Julie Becker explains why the Luxembourg Stock Exchange got involved.
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The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) is the gateway to access international investors. With more than 35,000 listed securities, including some 26,000 bonds, from 3,000 issuers in 100 countries, LuxSE is the world’s number one exchange for the listing of international securities and offers a unique full service throughout listing, trading and reporting. LuxSE is also the first exchange in the world to operate a platform dedicated entirely to green, social and sustainable securities. We have been involved in the development of the sustainable finance market since the European Investment Bank issued its first climate awareness bond 10 years ago and listed it in Luxembourg. In 2016, LuxSE launched the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) and built it based on the fundamental need for transparency. The platform is dedicated exclusively to green, social and sustainable securities and funds. LGX has become a meeting place for sustainability-focused issuers and investors, displaying half of the world’s listed green bonds.