EU Parliament adopts framework that will support covered bonds market

Growing mortgage lending, last week's agreement for a new EU Framework and the trend to ‘green up’ finance all support a growth trend.
Finance with purpose: investing in the future

Have you ever asked yourself “WHY are you working in the financial sector?” or “What is the PURPOSE of your job?”. Julie Becker believes the financial industry should ensure social prosperity for everyone. Listen to her reasoning and vision for the finance of the future....
Managing the portfolio in volatile times

Geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility may negatively impact returns on investments. How can investors protect themselves? Maurice Bauer offers a solution: sustainable investments.  
Green finance trends in 2019

Will green finance finally go mainstream this year? What new products should we expect? Will policy-makers eventually deliver on their promises? We don't have a crystal ball, but we identified six themes that are likely to shape green finance in 2019. 
Islamic finance: small market, huge potential

Financial professionals who are familiar with the Islamic finance market and its specific products know that it hides many opportunities. Despite the economic downturn caused by low oil prices, the Sukuk market keeps growing at a fast pace. 
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