Interview with Nasir Zubairi, CEO of Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT)

6 February 2019

Thought leadership
Geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility may negatively impact returns on investments. How can investors protect themselves? Maurice Bauer offers a solution: sustainable investments.  

30 January 2019

From KYC to sustainability preferences, from market-driven to policy-based standards, sustainable finance has come a long way. Julie Becker gives an overview of the latest market developments in an interview with State Street. 

22 January 2019

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange has recently launched two professional segments on the EU-regulated and EuroMTF markets. Carlo Oly, Head of Relationship Management, explains the rationale behind.

15 January 2019

Thought leadership
Will green finance finally go mainstream this year? What new products should we expect? Will policy-makers eventually deliver on their promises? We don't have a crystal ball, but we identified six themes that are likely to shape green finance in 2019. 

8 January 2019

We have launched the She@LuxSE initiative to help achieve gender equality in the financial sector. 

7 January 2019

Thought leadership
Financial professionals who are familiar with the Islamic finance market and its specific products know that it hides many opportunities. Despite the economic downturn caused by low oil prices, the Sukuk market keeps growing at a fast pace. 

7 January 2019

The cooperation between the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange focuses on providing relevant information in English about Chinese green bonds to offshore investors. The initiative dates back to September 2017 when the Shanghai Stock Exchange and th...

4 January 2019

Landshypotek Bank pioneers with the world’s first forestry covered bond. It is fully committed to Swedish sustainable forestry, thus supports biodiversity and carbon dioxide reduction. 

3 January 2019

On 17 May 2018 we celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE). Founded in 1928, the same year that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin and Walter E. Diemer produced the first bubble gum, LuxSE has grown over time to become the world’s lea...

2 January 2019